About us

Established in 1992

In 2000, under the BRAWO Computers brand, its sales level was 20 thousand. computer sets and has a network of franchise outlets in central Poland.

Since 2001, in response to customer needs, the company has put particular emphasis on IT technology for people with disabilities. In 2006, the company’s new mission is to provide technologically advanced solutions that facilitate the work and everyday life of people with disabilities. We understand and promote the idea that a disabled person can function efficiently on many levels despite the dysfunction, provided that he or she is provided with appropriate tools. The subject of interest are the latest achievements in the field of neuroinformatics and typhloinformatics. The main area of activity is hardware and software solutions for the disabled as well as training in the use of specialized equipment, own research in this area and production. From 2012. Brawo Sp. J. is a producer of specialized equipment and MIRAcle software. Our products include award-winning Pearl5 electronic magnifiers, Admirabilis, Spider portable magnifiers and Exigo dual-screen magnifiers.

The aim is to improve the accessibility or even enable education in public schools for pupils and students with low vision, and to break the barriers in employers against employing people with visual impairments. Lack of knowledge about assistive technology among parents of visually impaired children causes fear about the educational opportunities of their charges. They are faced with the choice of sending their children to a special school tailored to their needs or to a primary school. In Poland, there are several special centers for visually impaired and blind children and adolescents, they are often several dozen or even several hundred kilometers away from the family’s place of residence. Choosing such a school is associated with separation at a very early stage of a child’s development. Providing properly selected equipment opens up completely new educational opportunities for students. Likewise, in the later stages of learning, young people can choose from among all schools and universities.

R.Biegański, K.Biegańska


Provision of specialized hardware and software based on the latest IT technology achievements.


Creating products with passion and 100% commitment, while ensuring the comfort and safety of their use.


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